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Intraday trading with RP 29/09/2021

Nifty directly opening gap down near 0.618 Fibonacci level 17650 just observe how it behave for 15 min near this. Fresh selling only below yesterday's low 17576.

Nifty Inside Bars formation we on 15 min chart above 17684 it will go up for 17712.

Nifty lost upside momentum as getting resisted near 13EMA if breaks day low 17608 looks for fall towards gap 17550.

17500-600 is very strong support on the option chain so you have to keep trailing SL on shorts.

Nifty before and after alert chart suggested long near 17640 hits 17680. 40 points Now again back to buy price 17640 trends is going flat. Weak if breaks 17612 will go down to fill gap 17550 Fresh longs are not having much good risk-reward ratio.1

Nifty flat move with C going Up. Most likely to consolidate for some time between 17720-690. The upside target is now 17743 which is 1.618 Fibonacci extensions will also fill the gap while going up. Best to avoid trades today.

Nifty before and after alert chart from 17690 to 17743 target . Broken yesterday's high and Going up for extension in wave 5 of C for 17800 next any small dip opportunity to add.

Trade at your own risk expiry tomorrow.

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