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Morning Script with Amit

Good Morning Script for today. well, no brainer strategy, yesterday low and high will b the range for today. Meaning 17820 buying area for the target of 17900 and 17960 selling area for the target of 17880. mostly looks, like, a time, pass day today. Action will b in specific stocks. As mentioned yesterday Auto still have fuel to go up more. Otherwise mostly flat and, premium eating day.

Stocks for today from, me Auto sector stocks bounce side IT on sell,side For equity players below recommendations UPL SL 716 target 742 positional and Lupin SL 915 target 960+ positional In any case, Tata Steel gets at 1240 then it's buying opportunity.

My Research: China, there is a power crunch Which increased, demand, for COAL. Affected Coal, prices to go up. Coal mining companies benefited, Impacting COAL, prices all over the world. Increase, in demand Our black diamond COAL, India 🚀🚀🚀

I booked PE here. Now 17780 will take, time to break11:21

20-80 formula11:21

This is buying area to me, unless 17780 is not broken, if 17780 breaks then my next target is on,d cards that are 17720.

But ideally, this is buying area To me SL, at 17780.

Try looking future,

some, days ago as well something happening in China

Now its power outage in, China

previous to that it was Evergrane problem

something not good, in China.

Is it the start of the crash of the Chines economy? Very early to say and bold statement. But the hangover of this news will b der, in Market for sure.

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