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Positional calls from RP

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

IDBI attempting breakout and volume increasing. Dip towards 42 add opportunity with SL 36 for the immediate target of 56-66

Idea flat correction in wave 4 is expected towards 0.382 Fibonacci levels 9.75. Wave 5 than expected towards 14.55 which 0.618 Fibonacci extension ans is also expected to be slow up.

Swing traders with risk appetite can long near 9.75 with 8₹ SL.

Stock is highly volatile, trades in upper-lower circuits many times and is risky don't allocate too much capital.

Zee Entertainment Only for RISKY.

Stock near 0.382 levels 318 add in zones of 318-300 with BIG RISKY SL 242.

Target will be 1.618 fibonacci extension 400

ITC looking for flag breakout long near 240 SL 230 target 280(245-205=40 points pole height)

SunTv Again at parallel lines support long near 535-25 SL 493 tgt 600-650

Dodla Dairy Marubozu candle on a daily chart may attempt to break the channel.

SRT FINANCE took our SL Once near 1235 but looking pattern and fall has been completed.

Long near 1370-1400 with SL 1310 for 1600-1800 targets

Risky long near 630 with SL 580 for 740-60 Note: SL 580 is based on fall below 50% of Marubozu candle.

Bank of India wedge pattern breakout expected.

Long near 58 with SL 52 for low-Risk High Reward long for 120-145 which is 0.5 and 0.618 Fibonacci retracement levels.

Don't allocate too much capital to this stock very risky fundamentals.

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