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Pre-market Levels with Amit

GM All Script for today. The range for today will be 17580 to,17780. unless goes near to these, levels no, need to take the trade. 17580 & 17780. won't be broken in, single go. Near to, still a buying level and,a,selling level. Fresh selling only below,17580 with SL at 17620 & Fresh long above 17780 SL, at 17760. It can b a roller coaster ride in, between these, levels. Below 17580 we can see 17480 to 17520

Reasons, for fall overall world, a market projected as Yield and, Dollar Index causing the dollar to become stronger making Rupee weak. One reason that did not look that much is China, power outage that is an important thing to notice for.

Market Indices Screenshot taken from

All Future Indices

If yesterday day low, is not broken in, the first hour, or, so then we can expect, middle of the day. Fresh,short as said only below 17580

Looks to me, now a dip is coming that will break, day low and hit 17580-75 CMP 17640. OI saying 17600 PE writers increasing.

Looks, like bounce, is on its way globally to bounce coming Hangsang 100+

Dax 100+

Dow near to,200+

Waiting for 17680 or if goes above 17720 then, will enter again Else 17680-720.time, pass range to me.

Fresh buy,only above 17720 and 15 min,candle close

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